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Why am I excited about hosting "Skeptical"?

April 11 2016
April 11 2016


Why am I excited about hosting "skeptical"?

Having spent eleven years in the Bay Area, I've encounterd all sorts of people with all sort of ideas about belief, faith, God, the church, and Christianity.

Having hosted several conversations, forums, and events to cultivate discussions around these matters, I've noticed that most everyone is genuinely pleased and even deeply grateful for having safe spaces in which to bring his or her questions, doubts, fears, and concerns.

I'm excited about hosting "Skeptical" because I've grown as a person as I've considered the opinions and convictions of others, and I've seen others deepen as people as well. I've seen some folks embrace Christian faith for the very first time, others embrace Christian faith after a long time away, and others remain distant to Christian faith though seemingly with more warmth and charitability towards it than they had before. And I continue to stay in friendship with still others who will seemingly remain forever opposed to Christianity--one such friend who is also a neighbor often says to me, "Look I don't believe in what you're peddling, and I'm going to be an a-$$ hole about it, but only because you are a friend and I trust you!"

I hope you will consider joining us (please RSVP on the OCN) and/or inviting friend to join us.

Our conversation will include topics like Belief, God, Faith and Science, Miracles, Intolerance, and everything in between.