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Parish Small Groups

Join a parish small group! Peter tells us that the church is on a mission propelled by the love, grace, and hope of Christ. We are meant, actually made by God, to be in community as we share our joys, hopes, and struggles together. At Christ Church, parish small groups are where we find community and learning knit into one.

Why small groups?

  1. Followers of Jesus need each other to learn and grow.
  2. We're the means by which God shows His love to all people.

In a busy, transient world, the best way to build lasting community that is compelling to our friends, neighbors, and co-workers is to build it with people right around us: those in our neighborhoods and networks.

Small Group Discussion Questions

Click here to download A Light Has Come: Lessons in the Gospel of John Sermon Series Overview and Small Group Discussion Questions.

Interested in joining a small group?

Please click here to sign up for a parish small group.

If you are new to Christ Church, this is a perfect time to join a small group. If you attend the Berkeley location and have questions about getting involved in a parish small group connected to that location please email Jonathan St. Clair, Berkeley Location Pastor. If you attend the Oakland location and have questions about getting involved in a parish small group connected to that location please email Patrick Vaughn or Quinn Vaughn, Oakland Location Pastors. If you attend the Lafayette location and have questions about getting involved in a parish small group connected to that location please email Brian Kay, Lafayette Location Pastor.

If you've been around for a bit, please consider who you can invite to sign up with you. Please see the listed groups below and contact the facilitator(s) on the Online Community Network to learn more about a specific small group.

Available Parish Small Groups

Berkeley Parish Small Groups

Solano Parish

Day & Time: Wednesdays, 7:30 pm
Facilitators: Doug Scribner, Katy Bruening
Location: 127 Pomona Avenue, El Cerrito* (Hosts: Sam Vandervelde & Eunice Cheung)
* Hosts have two dogs and one cat

Day & Time: Sundays, 5:00 pm*
Facilitators: Matthew Parker, Joseph Passman, Yen Sinn Ang
Location: 2093 Key Boulevard, El Cerrito (Hosts: Matthew & Shae Parker)
* Kids welcome

North Berkeley Parish

Day & Time: Tuesdays, 7:30 pm*
Facilitators: Lawrence Liu, Lina Aoyama, Terry Kochi
Location: 1810 Sonoma Avenue, Berkeley (Hosts: Jim & Karen Wesolowski)
* Doors are open at 7 pm

Day & Time: Thursdays, 7:00 pm
Facilitators: Steve & Judy Hanawalt, Tonia Roby
Location: 26 Rock Lane, Berkeley (Hosts: Steve & Judy Hanawalt)

Day & Time: Thursdays, 7:00 pm (Every other week over the summer. Please contact us if it is your first time visiting.)
Facilitators: Megan Wong, Josh Lin
Location: 1229 Oxford Street, Berkeley (Host: Jenna Frowein)

South Berkeley Parish

Day & Time: Wednesdays, 7:30 pm
Facilitators: Thomas Leong, Kevin Doxzen
Location: 942 Channing Way, Apt. 305, Berkeley (Host: Abby Johns)

Day & Time: Sundays, 4:00 pm*
Facilitator: Keith Bouma-Gregson, Cynthia Dominguez 
Location: 1814 Woolsey Street, Berkeley (Hosts: Sanjay Jeyukamar & Cheruba Prabakar)
* Kids welcome; potluck dinner at 5:30 pm

Lafayette Parish Small Groups

Orinda/Moraga Parish

Day & Time: Fridays, 6:30 pm*
Facilitators: Eurus Kim, Mo Yeh
Hosts: May Lin & Mo Yeh
* Kids welcome; main dish provied by hosts with kid friendly option; feel free to bring a side dish or drink

Lafayette Parish

Lafayette Women's Small Group
Day & Time: Tuesdays, 8:00 pm
Facilitators: Megan Branagh, Jen Roth
Location: 2862 Acacia Road, Walnut Creek (Host: Megan Branagh) and 3123 Stanley Boulevard, Lafayette (Host: Jen Roth)

Walnut Creek Parish

Day & Time: Fridays, 7:00 pm
Facilitators: Nick & Allie Garcia
Location: 2772 San Benito Drive, Walnut Creek (Hosts: Nick & Allie Garcia)

Day & Time: Sundays, 6:00 pm*
Facilitators: Rob & Devona Brazier and Ruben & Lisa Quinones
Location: Christ Church Lafayette, 1035 Carol Lane
*Bring a small sharable dinner item, childcare can be made available if needed

More information about additional Lafayette Parish Small Groups is coming. Please check back soon.

Oakland Parish Small Groups

Alameda Parish

Group A*
Day & Time: First & Third Sundays, 3:30 pm
Facilitator: Jenna Rentz
Location: 1100 Grand Street, Alameda (Hosts: Andy & Jane Wohn)

Group B*
Day & Time: First & Third Sundays, 3:30 pm
Facilitator: Brian Lee & Anthony DeVito
Location: 3217 Fernside Boulevard, #A and 2908 Lincoln Avenue, Alameda (Hosts: Anthony & Michlle DeVito and Brian & Samantha Lee)

* Kids are welcome at both Alameda groups

Rockridge Parish

Day & Time: Wednesdays, 8:00 pm
Facilitator: David Chi
Location: 5951 Glenarms Drive, Oakland (Hosts: David Chi & Jane Yi)

Adeline Parish

Day & Time: First & Third Tuesdays, 7:00 pm
Facilitator: Erin Palmer
Location: 5612 Adeline Street, Oakland (Hosts: Matt & Carrie Thanabalan)

Merritt Parish

Day & Time: Tuesdays, 7:30 pm
Facilitators: Pete & Beth Todd
Location: 4107 Lincoln Avenue, Oakland (Hosts: Pete & Beth Todd)

Day & Time: Sundays, 4:30 pm*
Facilitators: Patrick & Quinn Vaughn
Location: 1221 Hampel Street, Oakland (Hosts: Patrick & Quinn Vaughn)
* Kids welcome; simple dinner 5:30-6 pm

In a busy, transient world, the best way to form and join community is with the people right around us: those in our neighborhoods. Thus, Monday-through-Saturday community at Christ Church happens primarily in midsize groups we call neighborhood parishes.