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Blog Archives: October 2010

The Singing Savior

October 25, 2010
The title is not mine.  I borrowed it from a phrase belonging to Reggie Kidd, who will be with us this weekend.  It's from his book entitled, "With One Voice."  Most of of this blog post won't be mine, either.  I'm going to include a few paragraphs here from his book - I don't think he'll mind.  Some from the opening of the book, and some from the close.  They actually tie together quite nicely, although there's a lot in between that's not to be missed!  I'm sure Reggie would appreciate the small amount of change he'd receive from your ...

How I Predict Divorce (and Church Breakups!)

October 13, 2010
  One of my basic assumptions is that healthy cities require healthy churches and healthy churches require healthy pastors and parishioners.  Thus, on the second Tuesday of the month the pastoral staff of Christ Church, along with a few other Bay Area pastors, gathers for pastoral care and development.  This year we are working through Preventing Ministry Failure, a workbook designed to help pastors develop sustainable lifestyle and ministry patterns - spiritually, relationally, emotionally, physically, and organizationally. Yesterday we ...

How do you spend your money?

October 05, 2010
This is a very interesting chart of Unit Expenditures put out by the US Department of Labor and Statistics (2009). The Average American, with a take-home income of $50,000 spends 5.4% of that on entertainment, 5.4% on food at restaurants, and 3.8% on services and apparel (14.6% all together). This same Average American only gives 3.7% as charitable contribution! I find this to be quite tragic. As a minister, it is often easy to talk about the Spiritual Practice of the Tithe (the giving of the 10% of one's first fruits) without taking into ...