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Blog Archives: November 2014

11/16/2014 Sermon Discussion Questions

November 17, 2014
Acts 27 - Christ’s Church must voyage on stormy waves, but we can seek courage in our God who saves. 1. Christ’s Church must voyage on stormy waves (27:13-20). - Why do the cosmic powers want to stop Paul from getting the message about Jesus to Rome? When you compare and contrast the climax of Luke’s story of the gospel (Jesus’ crucifixion) with the climax of Luke’s story of the church (Paul’s shipwreck), what is Luke trying to tell us about being individuals and a church that follows in the way of a Shipwrecked Savior? 2. We can seek ...

11/09/2014 Sermon Discussion Questions

November 11, 2014
This discussion will look a little different as it is a downloading of both principles and practices. I trust that you can takes these lists and make them work as conversation pieces in your micro-group, community group, or parish. Read Acts 15 through Acts 16:1-5 together. After suggesting last week that the revolution for the church involved three Copernican Revolutions: Salvation is (1) absolutely necessary, is (2) for the whole world, and (3) is by grace alone. We suggested that this grants you and me as human beings dignity. We ...

11/02/2014 Sermon Discussion Questions

November 03, 2014
Read Acts 15 together. We introduced Acts 15 as an everything-changed-moment, a “Copernican Revolution” when the sky is painted green and the grass blue. Gentiles were coming to faith in Christ, and the Jews who had come to know Jesus as their Messiah didn’t know what to do with this! Many of them suggested out of deep conviction that these new Christians should be circumcised and must keep the law of Moses. Look at the emphatic language of v1 and v5: CANNOT be saved unless circumcised & MUSTbe circumcised (more on that later) and required ...