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The Feast of St. Thomas

December 20, 2013
Throughout the Christian Year, we celebrate the court of heaven, especially Jesus’s first followers - apostles, evangelists, martyrs - holy in life and worthy of emulation and honor. Without them we would have no memory of Jesus, no witness of the resurrection, and no New Testament. So what better way to observe Advent and prepare for Christmas than to celebrate the Feast of St. Thomas on December 21?  Thomas’ name derives from a root word meaning “twin”; he is nicknamed Dydimus, which is Greek for twin. He was totally ready to stand by ...

Carols and Candles

December 11, 2013
Advent Greetings Christ Church, Last month, as I was facilitating a men’s group (comprised of non church goers) in our neighborhood, the Christmas Season came up, and one guy said, “I really miss the carols and candles.” The other 10 men nodded in unison as if to say, “Yeah, me too!” Three of these men have already told me that they plan to bring their families and worship with us on Christmas Eve. Over the years I have noticed that Christmas is often THE season in the calendar where many of our non-church-going friends, neighbors, ...