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Blog Archives: February 2013

Only 65 Hours!

February 18, 2013
  65 hours is a long work week that some of us endure without even flinching. 65 hours is not even three full seasons of Breaking Bad, Parenthood, or Homeland. 65 hours is less than the number of hours in a long, holiday weekend. 65 hours, if you spend an hour per meal, will be swallowed up in only 22 days. 65 hours of your Spotify or Pandora station of choice will fly by in 65 days if your commute is an average of one hour per day, 30 minutes each way. 65 hours is how much time you spend on Facebook in only six months if you are an average ...

You Can't Spell G-O-O-D Without G-O-D

February 11, 2013
Next Thursday night (Feb 21) is our next event at the Berkeley Faculty Club. Join us as my team of four debates another team of four over the question of God and Morality. Four of the eight participants are Christ Churchers! Each participant has submitted a blog to the website. Click here to read my contribution. Click here to sign-up to attend the event.

What's Lent Got To Do With It?

February 06, 2013
Does your community group or small group need something to work through together? Might I suggest reading Screwtape Letters and working through the book of Proverbs with some aligned readings from John's Gospel? These three works will be informing our Lenten Series: "Living as if God is the Enemy." The Series Overview might help you Parish and Community Group leaders better prepare. What can I do for Lent? The Series Overview gives a nice introduction and definition of Lent. I hope that it will prompt you to reflect on putting down some ...

A Season of Bright Sadness

February 04, 2013
Lent is a season of “Bright Sadness” that begins next Ash Wednesday (February 13, 2013) and culminates in Holy Week (March 24-30). We want to begin even now thinking about the long preparation for the great Weekend events of crucifixion, burial, and resurrection. During Lent we encourage you to arrive 15 minutes early to our worship services for guided reflection and quiet prayer. Please enter the sanctuary in silence from the rear if at all possible. Parents, please note that you may drop your infants and toddlers off 15 minutes prior ...