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Blog Archives: March 2010

Here Was a Man

March 30, 2010
Who better to re-contextualize our minds and hearts for Holy Week than the Man in Black?  Listen to the Gospel According to St. Johnny Cash:   Here was a man a man who was born in a small village the son of a peasant woman. He grew up in another small village. Until he reached the age of thirty he worked as a carpenter. Then for three years he was a traveling minister. But he never traveled more than two hundred miles from where he was born, And where he did go he usually walked. He never held political office, he never wrote a book, never ...

The Reactive and Responsive Life

March 10, 2010
Jesus wandered into the wilderness for 40 days to redeem the 40 years that God’s people spent there so long ago. The devil was eager to cut a deal, but Jesus had other plans. Coaxed with bread when hungry (“turn these stones into bread”), rescue when endangered (“throw yourself down and be rescued by the angels”), and power when powerless (“bow to me and the world is yours”), Jesus did not give in, but resisted. It is often that the Evil One wages war on these battlefields of provision, protection, and power. We often ask God: Can you provide ...