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Blog Archives: March 2013

Exsultet Easter Proclamation

March 30, 2013
Exsultet means "Rejoice!"  Elements of this Easter Vigil song are traced back to St. Ambrose (St. Augustine's pastor), it became quite widely used in the post-Constantinian era (when it became safe to gather for worship and singing), it was officially included in the liturgy of the Western church in the 9th century, and it is considered the high point of the whole year as far as liturgical music goes. You can listen to one of many versions here and reflect on some of the words here. Enjoy!     Rejoice, heavenly powers! Sing, choirs of ...

Four Gospels, One Jesus

March 26, 2013
Holy Week reflection: Mark/Matthew's Jesus plumbs the depths of abandonment only to be vindicated; Luke's Jesus worries about others and gently dispenses forgiveness; John's Jesus reigns victoriously from the cross in control of all that happens. Each portrait of the crucifixion reaches out to us in our various points of need.

Reflections on Duke Basketball and March Madness 2013

March 21, 2013
Holy Week has a double meaning for me.  Allow me to explain. March Madness has begun, and I happen to be a Duke basketball fan. Thus, I have entered into sacred time and sacred actions as I observe this yearly roundball ritual and pilgrimage. Let me bring you up to speed on Duke: One of the most hallowed and storied basketball programs in the country (Go Devils!).The winningest basketball coach in the history of the game (Mike Krzyzewski, Coach K for short).The best fans and most hyped-up atmosphere a player could dream about (Cameron ...

Three Sacred Days, One Act of Worship

March 20, 2013
Three Sacred Days, One Act of Worship These sacred days are historically understood as one act of worship taking place over three days. Christ Church encourages you to be part of this holistic experience that more fully engages us in the story that shapes and defines our lives.   Join us as we journey together through the Easter Triduum, (pronounced "tree do 'em") an ancient three-day celebration of the death and resurrection of Jesus - Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and the Saturday Easter Vigil, followed by Easter Sunday.      As an act ...

Sexuality from a Single Perspective

March 13, 2013
On Sunday, March 10, Bart asked Christ Church member Anna Broadway — the name she writes under — to address sexuality from a single perspective. Here's what she shared. It sounds crazy to say it, but I've been trying to practice chastity — albeit often reluctantly — for almost 20 years now, if you include high school. In my experience, one of the hardest things about hearing a sermon like Bart's — especially when you try to apply it — comes down to trust. Is God really good? Am I going to like His idea of "good" when it comes to my body and ...

“I think I am the only Christian.”

March 06, 2013
  A couple of years ago my daughter said this at breakfast one morning as she reflected upon her kindergarten class. “Let’s see,” she went on to say, “So and so is Jewish…and so and so is also Jewish…and so and so is also Jewish, and well, I am not sure anybody else is anything.” I imagine a lot of people at Christ Church feel this way about their workplace or street or apartment building: “I think I am the only Christian!” Behind closed doors in an upper room, Jesus pulled together the twelve disciples and told them things that he had ...