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What (and how) does Christ Church believe about X, Y, or Z?

March 27, 2014
We have created a videocast entitled Comfort and Joy: A Guided Tour of the Heidelberg Catechism. The purpose of this videocast is to introduce you to a masterful work of classic and basic Christian theology, ethics, and spirituality. The Heidelberg Catechism was written in 1563, and we hope you will find this 450-year-old text to be a trusted, inspiring, and relevant companion as you journey with God in the 21st century. There are 26 lessons, each of which are 5, 10, or 15 minutes long, and they may be used for individual study or group ...

Comfort and Joy Lessons 17-20

March 06, 2014
Four more videocast installments for our class Comfort and Joy: A Guided Tour of the Heidelberg Catechism (1563). Please watch these videos before our next class on Sunday, 3/9. Exciting topics like church discipline, baptizing babies, and Jesus’s presence with us in communion...