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Blog Archives: April 2012

2016 Christ Church Storyboard

April 19, 2012
This paper is a storyboard--a sketch of what might be or could be. It is not a sketch of what will be. Storyboards shape the story, and begin to inform its telling. Yet, we are many conversations and many more prayers away from any sort of specific detailing. 150 adults and oodles of children gather in Rockridge for what has become a family-heavy (matching the community’s demographics) worship time and location. Our kids are being taught from the Scriptures and growing up in a church that appreciates the cultivation of a Christian ...

Teachers of Worship

April 09, 2012
"Will you as a congregation undertake the responsibility of assisting these parents in the Christian nurture of this child?"   This Sunday we will respond in the affirmative as we baptize more of our covenant children.  What will it mean for us as a family at Christ Church to assist our children in Christian nurture? This year we have welcomed many new people (including children) into the life of our church.  We celebrate communion and family worship each week, but we make a special point to highlight our children on the first Sunday of each ...

True Story

April 04, 2012
"This entire service just makes me angry!" After the service last week I was approached by a couple in their late 70s or early 80s. She was a sweet woman with a large, "flowy" (as my daughter might say) skirt, and he very much looked the part of a Berkeley professor--tweed jacket, disheveled and unkempt hair, and book bag made out of hemp. It turns out he wasn't from Berkeley but was a retired professor. He and his wife live in Vermont and were visiting children and grandchildren that live in Berkeley. He said, "I was actually looking ...