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Blog Archives: May 2013

How many doors does our church have?

May 28, 2013
“The life of the parish is the heart of the church.” I am hoping that this statement will become the mission emphasis of our next ministry year at Christ Church (September 1, 2013 - August 31, 2014). We will be talking about it as a Session of Elders the next time we meet. At Christ Church, you will hear us talk a lot about how vital the Parish is for your Monday to Saturday life, but if our church begins to fully realize this mission emphasis, then the Parish will also shape the way we think about Sundays. Most of our past experiences ...

Giving the Gift of Time to our Children

May 06, 2013
"And you're invited to my birthday party, too."  It was after class, in the middle of putting on her tiny colorful shoes, that this sweet child of three years had matter-of-factly invited me to her birthday (which wasn't for another five months).  This same happy child had once wrestled with tears and anxiety when it came time for her parents to drop her off at CCKids.  She would not utter a word during class, all the while clinging tightly to her stuff toy.  And now this same child was laughing and playing with the other children, not to ...