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Blog Archives: June 2010

To Change the World

June 08, 2010
I recently had the privilege of attending a two-day symposium at the University of Virginia where several pastors had the wonderful gift of dialogue with sociologist, Dr. James Davison Hunter, regarding his newest work, To Change the World. In it, Hunter remarks, “The potential for world-changing is greatest when networks of elites in overlapping fields of culture and overlapping spheres of social life come together with their varied resources and act in common purpose.” Yet, the book eschews elitism and further, much of it is premised upon ...

Worship and a Community of Believers

June 02, 2010
"How can you cope with the end of a world and the beginning of another one?  How can you put an earthquake into a test-tube, or the sea into a bottle?  How can you live with the terrifying thought that the hurricane has become human, that the fire has become flesh, that life itself came to life and walked in our midst?  Christianity either means that, or it means nothing.  It is either the most devastating disclosure of the deepest reality in the world, or it's a sham, a nonsense, a bit of deceitful play-acting.  Most of us, unable to cope ...