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God's Favorite Organization? The Local Church

June 17, 2014
Last Thursday night was a very moving evening for me. Nearly 500 people gathered at Beebe Memorial Church on Telegraph to attend “Race and Faith,” the topic of Project Peace’s Annual Speaker Series. Some of you will already know this, but Christ Church birthed Project Peace in 2007 as a product of our desire to partner broadly with other churches so we could then more deeply serve our East Bay community. Last Thursday night was a beautiful picture of that dream becoming a reality, but that is not why I was most moved… I was moved on my ...

6/9/2014 Sermon Discussion Questions (Oakland)

June 09, 2014
Date: Sunday, June 8th, 2014 Speaker: Patrick Vaughn Scripture Reading: Acts 2:1-13 and John 14:15-31 Sermon Title: Jesus’ gift from the Father John 14 marks the beginning of Jesus’ goodbye speech to his disciples, which is called the “Farewell Discourse” by biblical scholars. This speech and prayer run through chapter 17 and is marked by a number of different themes that John weaves in and out of one another, repeating and circling around them. Four of those themes were the focus of this section and sermon:  (1) Jesus gives the gift of ...