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Everyone Can Play

August 10, 2011
When I go to a movie or concert or sporting event, I take a program, find my seat, and enjoy the show.  I play no part in the action. Sounds fun, right? What is not to love about admiring and enjoying those who devoted their life to developing their passions, gifts, and skills? Have you ever been part of a group or gathering in which you were a casual observer without any role or responsibility? A lot of churches function like this. A majority of people show up to a Sunday worship service or a mid-week gathering, take a program, find a ...

What if there was no Christ Church?

August 02, 2011
Every couple of years I get the privilege of journeying back to the “Mother Ship” for this, that, or the other. The “Mother Ship” is Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Manhattan. If you are unfamiliar with our family tree, well, Redeemer is our Grandmother and City Church San Francisco is our Mother. And so, maybe I should call Redeemer the “Grandmother Ship.” Anyway... This particular trip involved an intensive training in Redeemer’s “DNA Handbook.” Twenty-two of us from the Bay Area, NYC, Boston, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Orlando, Mumbai, ...