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Blog Archives: August 2014

8/31/2014 Sermon Discussion Questions

August 31, 2014
1. Evangelism is everywhere (Acts 1:8; 2:14) - In what ways have you been evangelized recently in commerce, culture, and politics? In what ways have have you and your friends sought to convert one another to a new thing that could make the world a better place?  2. The best evangel on offer is JC (Acts 2:14-41) - As you reflect on Peter’s Pentecost sermon, which of the following facets of the diamond are most brilliant and most dull for you? Events (crucifixion and resurrection) Witnesses (OT prophets and NT apostles) Promises ...

8/24/2014 Sermon Discussion Questions

August 25, 2014
Date: Sunday, August 24, 2014 Speaker: Bart Garrett Scripture Reading: Acts 2:1-15; Ephesians 3:16-21 Sermon Title: What in the World is the Church...going to be with the Holy Spirit Series: What in the World is the Church? Questions: 1) What's the point of the Sermon Discussion Question Guide? The worship service is not something that we make up. Rather, our worship is grounded in catholic church history, with a presbyterian and reformed accent. Yet, there is one component missing in our Sunday worship that would be considered a weekly ...

8/17/2014 Sermon Discussion Questions

August 19, 2014
Date: Sunday, August 17th Speaker: Kyle Brooks Scripture Reading: Acts 1:12-26 1. If you had to use 2 adjectives to describe how you feel about institutions, what would they be? Why? What about the institutional church? 2. If you are at all cynical about leadership, does it tend to be outwardly directed (“look at how bad those leaders are!”) or inwardly directed (“God could never give me that responsibility!”)? 3. Have you ever hurt by a leader like the apostles were when Judas betrayed Jesus? How do you process that abuse of power ...

8/10/2014 Sermon Discussion Questions

August 11, 2014
1. Keep Christianity weird (Acts 1:3) Had you been with Jesus and his disciples during this 40-day period, what are some of the ways you would have needed him to convince you that he was risen from the dead? To what extent have you undertaken a Scriptural and historical study of the empty tomb, the eye-witness accounts, and the birth of the church? What are your biggest concerns about engaging your friends, neighbors and co-workers with the message, “Jesus is alive”?   2. Keep Christianity edgy (Acts 1:8) The story of Acts shows us ...

8/3/2014 Sermon Discussion Questions

August 03, 2014
Date: Sunday, August 3, 2014 Speaker: Bart Garrett Scripture Reading: Psalm 8, Luke 1:1-4, Acts 1:1-8 Sermon Title: What in the World is the Church? Series: What in the World is the Church? Questions: Non-Christians Looking In: 1. Talk about some of the observations, opinions, and convictions that you bring to the Church. Discuss some of the potential baggage (your past church experiences and history). Are you currently highly committed? Marginally involved? Tentatively curious? Mildly skeptical? Deeply wounded? Any combination of ...