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Are you truly in Community?

September 25, 2012
Community: What is it? We all want it, but are we willing to sacrifice for it? Will we ever be fully satisfied with it? For Christians, does community ever become fully realized in this life--or, do our longings for community extend all the way through this present world to the beauty of a re-created one? This week's post is from Katie Gray. Katie recently shared a journal entry on community at both of our worship locations. We encourage you to read those journal musings here in our weekly blog... I’ve never been much of a joiner. In middle ...

The Christ Church Footprint

September 10, 2012
Christ Church, What a wonderful joy to be back with you. What a wonderful anxiety to be back at work--it feels like running a marathon with no training runs. Don’t worry, I am not overworking--just getting back into the routine and regular swing of things. Life will settle a bit in a couple of weeks. I thought an appropriate first blog entry upon return would be to dust off the storyboard that I wrote back in April prior to the Summer Sabbatical. I post this again now for three reasons: New people. New people. New people. Good grief, we ...