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(In)visible Power Causing (In)Visible Pain: The Burden of Systemic Racism in Our Cities

September 06, 2017
Patrick Vaughn
How is our perspective on racism in America affected by where we sit? What might a civil rights movement look like today? In the Bay Area? As Christians, how are we obliged to seek justice? And for whom? These are big questions facing the church, the East Bay and our nation. Often time they can overwhelm us when we consider them individually, but in community we have great resources to consider and begin to work toward answers. One of the greatest of those resources are other people who help us to see our blind spots. A group of ten ...

Visual Storytelling Meets the Bible: First Peter

August 15, 2017
The Bible Project explains the Book of 1 Peter with illustrations

I Love Church | For Further Study

August 15, 2017
Are you interested in going deeper in Peter's First Letter? N. T. Wright's book, Letters for Everyone, is a great resource for personal or small group study.

Tokyo Team Update

June 24, 2017
Dear Friends, It has been about three weeks since we've been back from our short-term mission trip. We are slowly making our way to say thank you to each one of you in person. In meanwhile, we would like to share this awesome video we made during the trip. Considering this was the first mission trip, we were very blessed by the way everything turned out. No injuries and no health issues! We had great turn outs at all the events (i.e., the singleness discussion, the game night, and the creation and evolution round-table), and we got to ...

Winter Parish Small Groups

January 19, 2017
Our parish small groups are starting up January 29. If you would like to participate, please learn more and contact the facilitator of the group that you would like to join.

Joining Jesus in His Mission of Radical Restoration

January 15, 2017
Patrick Vaughn
Sunday January 15th the sermon entitled Good News for the Downtrodden was on Luke 4:14-30. Here is a reflection on how we might apply that message to our lives with some resources below. Grace and peace, Patrick. Luke 4:16-30 is Jesus’s announcement to the world that God’s Kingdom has arrived in Him. At the synagogue in Nazareth, his hometown, Jesus uses words from the prophet Isaiah to declare who he is and what he has come to do on earth. “The Spirit of the Lord is on me, because he has anointed me to proclaim good news to the poor. He ...