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Classes and Groups

At Christ Church, we offer a range of classes to help attendees connect to the church and each other and learn how to better serve God together. We call these classes “spiritual formation.” They form an important part of our Monday through Saturday life in community.

Connect to Christ Church

Newcomer Meal

We host regular newcomer meals every other month, usually after Sunday worship services. These meals provide a chance to meet other newcomers and talk with one of the pastors. Contact the pastor for the worship location to learn more, or listen for announcements during the service.


One important way of connecting to Christ Church’s community and mission is by becoming a member.

Grow in Your Life Stage

These regular and periodic classes address the specific needs and challenges that come with who you are and your seasons of life.

Moms Group

Moms Group is a place for moms to connect with each other and encourage one another to respond to God’s call in our lives as women and mothers. Mothers with kids of all ages welcome. This group meets on the second and fourth Mondays of each month. Childcare is provided for a nominal fee.

Also, a Working Moms Group meets monthly on Monday nights for Bible study and prayer.

Email - to connect with either group.

Women’s Discipleship

This ministry provides events for women who wish to deepen their relationships with each other and with Christ.

  • The Morning for Women is a three-hour event in the fall designed to explore a topic connected to the concerns of women seeking to follow Christ.
  • The Day For Women is a day-long retreat-style event during the winter.
  • Women’s Connection is a monthly gathering at our Lafayette location to provide spiritual encouragement through Biblical reflection and prayer.

Email - to connect.

A Day For Men

Meaningful connections with other men in our neighborhood parishes play a vital role in our spiritual and emotional health. The Day for Men provides an opportunity to connect, and address our shared challenges and experiences.

Email - to connect.

Graduate Students and Working Professionals

Young professionals and grad students at Christ Church connect with each other and the broader community through both planned and informal events.

  • Singleness and dating: Periodic discussions in one of the pastors’ home provide a chance to talk about dating, romance and singleness in the age of Tinder and OK Cupid.
  • The Memorial Day weekend retreat provides a chance to escape to the beauty of Yosemite National Park and build friendships across neighborhood parishes and congregations.

Email - to connect.

Over 50s Group

This group meets periodically for growth, fellowship and service.

Email - to connect.

Listening Prayer

This monthly group meets to learn the practice and discipline of stepping away from the noise of everyday life to listen for God’s voice. Learn how to deepen your relationship with God, and to walk in the freedom and truth He has for your life. This group also has an annual retreat in the spring.

Email - to connect.

Bible Classes

Summer Torah Group

The first five books of the Old Testament — Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy — are called the Torah, which means “Teacher.” Studying the Torah is crucial to understanding the biblical story. This “basic Bible” has exercised a substantial influence on our civilization’s literature and art, as well as our concept of family, church, state and ethics. Taught by Jonathan St. Clair, this annual class is open to anyone who wishes to dig into this incredible source of well-known people and timeless stories.

Winter Gospels Group

Jesus’ words and deeds, which culminated in his crucifixion and resurrection, call for a response to repent and believe from all of us. This class provides a forum for deeper consideration of the Gospel we preach every Christmas to Easter at Christ Church. The class is for everyone, but particularly for those who may not have a church background and want to learn more about the foundation of Christian faith.

Leadership Development

August Leaders Retreat

This annual retreat fosters healthy relationships among the pastors, staff and leaders at Christ Church — both those with current responsibilities and exploring a new role. If you are seeking an official leadership role in the church, you are welcome to joining us for this fun, relaxing, and enriching retreat that may help you discern your role in our mission.