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Get Care

As part of our commitment to serve God by serving our neighbors, Christ Church offers practical, holistic care in a variety of ways:

  • Deacons: elected church leaders who provide spiritual, physical, and financial care
  • Meals: food for those who are recovering from medical or other issues
  • Pastoral care: guidance from our pastoral leadership team
  • Parishes: neighborhood communities of churchgoers
  • Small groups: Bible study groups within parishes

About the Diaconate

Following the tradition laid out in the New Testament, Christ Church provides care for members’ and attendees’ material needs through a group of elected body called deacons. Deacons serve alongside the elders and pastoral team and are assigned to support specific neighborhood parishes.

Contact the deacons at

Ways we help

Deacons serve in a range of ways, to address practical needs from the everyday (conflict with a roommate, new baby) to the urgent (sickness or loss of housing). Deacons provide some assistance directly; other times they may work with a neighborhood parish (e.g., to provide rides or meals) or offer referrals. Ways we can help include:

  • Offer prayer, encouragement, and counsel
  • Build relationships with those who have social, emotional, physical, financial, and spiritual needs
  • Meals after surgery, the birth of a child, etc.
  • Arrange transportation assistance or rides to Sunday worship or appointments
  • Counseling referrals
  • Help with budget and basic life skills
  • Provide financial assistance for rent, food, counseling, medical assistance, utilities, and other expenses
  • Financial assistance for Christ Church retreats or events

Some help like meals or rides may require coordination with a neighborhood parish. Otherwise, help provided is confidential.

Who we help

Christ Church deacons primarily help members, regular attendees, and visitors. Some help is provided to others in need on a case-by-case basis.

How it works

Once someone at the church knows of your need, you will be connected with a deacon in your neighborhood parish. He or she will work with you to see how Christ Church can best meet your needs. In the case of financial support, the deacon will need to see some of your personal finance information; help ordinarily is contingent on your cooperation, and willingness to attend some personal finance training.

Financial support is made possible by generous gifts made to our Deacon Fund.