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6/12 Sermon Discussion Questions

June 13 2016
June 13 2016

Date: 6/12/2016

Series: Love One Another

Title: Welcome One Another

Speaker: Patrick Vaughn

Text: Romans 15:5-9 and Matthew 9:9-13

Reflection Quotes:

“Jesus’ concern is the liberation of human beings from people despising prejudices.” - Joachim Gnilka

“Beware of ever desiring such purity that you do not want to seem to yourself to be a sinner, for Christ dwells only in sinners.” - Martin Luther

“Children, parents, spouses, lovers, colleagues and friends want to know that our love for them reflects the love of God, that our love for them channels the love of God. People want to know that God’s favor rests on them. They depend on us, at least in part, to receive that blessing.” - Gerald Sittser, Love One Another


1. Jesus takes us as we are in order to create a context of relationship to make us into welcomers like him. Like he did with Matthew Jesus extends his welcome to you. How have you experienced Jesus laying hold of you with initiative (Προσλαμβάνω: accepting, welcoming, to aggressively receive into friendship Rom15:7)? How can we extend that kind of welcome to others?

2. What is the character of the attitude of mind that Christ Jesus had, which Paul exhorts believers to have toward one another (Rom. 15:5-6)?

3. Jesus "saw" Matthew and initiated relationship with him. Who are those that you often overlook at church on Sundays or in your parish? Are there people you knowingly avoid? Why? What is keeping you from seeing them and initiating relationship with them?

4. As you reflect on your past, can you remember times you were acknowledged in a way that made you feel your worth? Identify some concrete ways in which you can acknowledge people. How can you do this on Sundays at church or during the week in your parish? How have you experienced Jesus's acknowledgement of you?

5. Showing affection for one another is a way of taking people into friendship. Are you impartial in the way we embrace our brothers and sisters? Do you really want to embrace one another in love? How has Jesus expressed his affection for you?

6. The Apostle Paul often exhorted believers to greet one another "with a holy kiss." Can you think of appropriate ways in our culture to demonstrate affection with people at church?

*Questions 4, 5 and 6 are adapted from Gerald Sittser's book "Love One Another"