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Worship at Christ Church encompasses more than just singing songs and praying on a Sunday. We see it as a lifestyle, focused on transforming every day to center on God and not ourselves. Sunday through Saturday, we use the seasons of the Christian year (e.g. Advent, ChristmasLent, Easter) as a guide for prayer, study and song.

Sunday Services

During weekly services in three locations, Christ Church gathers to worship God with our minds, bodies, time and resources. We don’t believe you need a lot of experience or a spiritual high to worship God. Our services are designed to provide a safe place for everyone — whether you’re exploring the Christian faith, grew up in the church or going through a season of doubt, grief or suffering.


  • Services last 75 minutes and include infant/toddler childcare and age-appropriate classes for children pre-school through grade five.
  • The pastor giving the sermon may vary by location, but generally the service is the same.
  • Each service includes music, prayer, private confession, Scripture reading, a sermon and a small meal (usually called the Lord’s Supper, Communion or Eucharist). Most locations offer a gluten-free alternative to bread and a choice of grape juice or wine.


What we hear and sing at Christ Church reflects the diversity of the church throughout history and around the world. Communal singing plays a significant role in services, but we make it easy to learn if you’re not familiar with a tune.

  • Like the psalms, songs encompass the range of emotion, from praise and joy to lament, contrition and longing.
  • On any given Sunday, we may sing an ancient Celtic song, a traditional hymn, something written for our congregation or even hear a secular song that fits the occasion.
  • Musicians include a mix of volunteers from the congregation and professional musicians.
  • Special services, especially during the Christmas and Easter seasons, sometimes feature small choirs or other ensembles.

Monday Through Saturday

At Christ Church, we believe every day was made for worship, not just Sunday. Both individually and in community, we worship God by bringing our bodies, time and resources to Him.

Book of Common Prayer

Like Christians around the world and throughout the past few centuries, many at Christ Church use the Book of Common Prayer to guide personal worship through the week. Whether you’re exploring Christianity or many decades into this, the Book of Common Prayer provides a flexible, structured way to pray through the Psalms and read the Bible. Christ Church also uses the prayer book for weekly morning prayer.

To use the Book of Common Prayer every day, follow the Daily Office, printed in the back of the prayer book and available as an app and on various websites. You can also ask one of the pastors to walk you through it.

Worship in Community

During the week, Christ Church gathers to worship in neighborhood parishes. Depending on the group, this may involve a weekly community group or Bible study, a periodic dinner or coffee with one or two others. Connect to your local neighborhood parish to learn how they worship Monday through Saturday.

“Wherever one gives his total personality unreservingly to something else, he worships that something, and convinces himself that that something is higher than himself. In this sense, one can worship any material thing, from a diamond ring to a human demagogue.”

Martin Luther King Jr., Aug. 7, 1955 sermon at Dexter Avenue Baptist Church